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Refer a Friend

Your Network

Our best chance of hiring qualified individuals is you. You know what it takes to work at Spyder, you know the challenges and the benefits. If you have any friends or family that you think would make a qualified candidate for a position at Spyder please don't hesitate to refer them. 

How it Works

  1. Send or share the link below to a friend you would like to refer.

2. Your friend will choose the position they would like to apply for and begin the application process.

3. During the process the candadite will be asked who referred them, ensure that they enter your name.

4. If the candidate is hired and successfully completes six months of work at the company you will be reimbursed. 



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  • Facebook
  • Twitter


1. The person you are referring must be aware that you will be financially compensated for referring them.

2. To be eligible to receive a reward the applicant must disclose you as the referrer.

3. In the case two employees refer the same friend. The first employee to refer the individual will be eligible for the reward

A complete list of rules can be found on ADP.

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